Friday, March 30, 2012

The New Lunch = Ride!

I've often cycled up the hill to work and back, but after a year and a half here it only now occurred to me to leave a bike on site so I can go ride on a moment's notice.  Well, actually more like at lunchtime, which I did today. I took 30 minutes and had myself a restorative ride through a beautiful forest.  I didn't even put on bike gear, I just hopped on as-is, with a helmet of course, and set off on the Bayview-Sequoia trail, a popular route with hikers, runners, dog walkers and other cyclists.  I only encountered a half dozen people or so.  Very nice.

The bike I'm riding here at work is my Rockhopper, last seen in Urban Assault fitment.  I found I used it more for off roading once I got up the hill than I did for night riding or rain riding, but the slick tires were lacking in that role.  So I Command-Z'd  it back into lean, full mountain bike rig, the role it was born for.  I am using a slight compromise in the tires, Specialized Crossroads, which, while fat and knobby enough for dirt, also feature a center rib for street use in case I want to roll a Pinehurst Loop some afternoon.  They work fine for trail duty. (update:  I've since put my set of full knobby tires (Kenda/WTB) on as the Crossroads were a bit lacking on the trail, grip is much more sure now and thus the ride is more fun)

My office with its new addition.  Adds a note of adventure to the day

Last Friday I had some extended time between shifts, so in the afternoon I rolled a complete Eastridge-Westridge Loop from the CSSC parking lot.  That took me 1hr 20mins, and believe me, its a workout.  I had to walk up the super steep grades on the Westside.  Last time, a couple years back, I actually fell off my bike backwards trying to ride up.  I learned my lesson, and besides, cross-training is all good.

Stock photo from the archives...another place too steep to ride up (click to read the story)

Today I felt the joy of breathing deep the cool ions within the damp forest, the soft earth beneath my tires, the invigoration of a short exercise session in the middle of the day.  This is the start of a beautiful ritual my friends.

Get Out and Ride!



  1. I held my breath when I read, "I didn't even put on bike gear" and when I saw you wrote "with a helmet of course" I breathed a sigh of relief.

    I tried to access "another place too steep to ride up (click to read the story)," but I couldn't. :-(

    A nice read about your new ritual. Keep on riding.

  2. Debbi, thx for the heads up, I fixed that link to the old article "Adventuring 101" (Oct. 10)
    Try it now.