Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NAHBS part 2

I'll start part 2 of my handbuilt bike show review with a pic for my riding buddy Ken Jones, who is a proud Moots Vamoots owner.  Here is the upgrade version of that bike, the Vamoots RSL

Tasty bits include additional Ti hardware like the stem and seatpost, and Mavic carbon rims with matching tire system.  Compared to Ken's bike, this one has fatter tubes and a sloping top tube.  This bike looks very Mil-Spec, like a potent weapon.  One of my show favorites.

Now for something COMPLETELY different

Neo-Retro-Post Modern-Futurist-Jules Vernian Japanese track bike.  Whoa!

Cyfac's handsome road steed.  This bike looked so totally Right.

The stunned look on the gentleman's face says it all about the Vanilla touring road bike.  True bike porn in every detail.  The color is actually an olive shade, not turquoise as my camera makes it appear.  I stood and stared at this machine as if I had never seen a bicycle before. 

Eye candy from Vendetta

Stainless Steel DeLorean, anyone?  Dig those crazy German carbon wheels!  I want those.  Bad.
Champagne optional, but appreciated by those in the know.

Another nuclear green racer by Festka.  It looks fast just sitting there.  Not for the inflexible rider.

This bike would be excellent for exploring new Flashcuts, don't you think?

Lots more to come, stay tuned.


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