Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flash Sighting in The Wild

Marin Headlands, 4/01/2012
Top of the hill gun emplacement/bunker regroup

His Bovinity, Rob "MadKow" Jankowski surreptitiousness (he was actually in my face but I didn't even notice) took this photo of me, Flash, instructing my group on something obviously extremely captivating...let's see, um, well....just what was going on at that moment anyway?  I doesn't matter that I forget now because then I was a lean, mean, laser pointer focused ride-leading machine.  Staci T. seems to have been paying semi-rapt attention, while Russ Rassmusen in the Rye jersey seems totally unphased.  Notice my rear view mirror has risen into reverse forward looking  mode necessary to scope out twists and turns on the adrenaline blasting downhill awaiting us.
And believe me, its one world class downhill...breathtaking!

So... proof  that this blog is not just some cerebral Steven Hawking-esqe astrophysics construct.  Out there in the real world, riding real roads, with real people on real bicycles.  As it should be.

Oh, BTW, the new Lemond is a sweet hill climber.  The standard triple is higher than I proselytize about in other parts of this blog (Low Gear Manifesto), but nevertheless, it goes up eagerly and overall it seems to take a thin percentage less effort than before.  So it fits better and is more efficient watts wise, and is more comfortable, so yeah, its win-win and I'm a happy pedaler.

Ride On Into The Sunset,

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