Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fitting Out: Lemond v.2-V

I've pretty much finalized the changes to my second Lemond, which I now call "V", for its French namesake, Versailles, and my joining of mind and soul to Velominati, the Keepers of The Ride.  Its tuned like a Swiss watch.  Note I left the stock Bonti wheels and tires.  Why?  I like them.  They ride good and look good, they are basically Rolf clones, so why change for now?  Here's a list of changes I've made:

44cm Bonti handelbars 26.0  (up from 40cm 32.0 Bontis)
9cm Forte stem  (from 9 cm Bonti stem)
KCNC 7075 alu hollowed out headset spacers
Arundel stainless waterbottle cage
Topeak Road Morph G pump
Topeak saddle bag Med with multitool,tire levers, tube, patch kit, zip ties, boot, Death Ride pin, cable and lock
Weyless SPD pedals 2 sided
Aireon Prolite Ti saddle drilled out
Bonti Race X seatpost
Cateye Miti 3 computer
Velominati call sign "Flash"

Wider 44 bars, 6 degree stem, Cateye, stainless cage, Flash call sign

No caption needed

52-42-30 Chainrings of Burning Passion.  Note red derailleur setup guide sticker still attached.  I'm never taking that off.  

Something you almost NEVER see in any bike publication...an honest weight for a bike fully outfitted with everything you need for a day on the road.   Here is Lemond V 's weight fully outfitted as described.  (no water bottle)

 Lastly, I said I'd get back to you on that drilled saddle.  I had a one hour ride today at 16mph avg, and didn't even think about the saddle.  That's my highest compliment!  It makes all the difference.  I don't recommend this to just anyone, as you can easily wreck an expensive saddle doing this if you are not careful, but if you are not attached to it sentimentally or fiscally, then by all means experiment away.  I may be the first wheelman on the internet to do this, as I Googled "drilled bike saddle" and nothing similar resulted.  I'm first!   

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