Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lemonds In The Wilds

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Monday's group stop afforded a rare side by side presentation of a 2007 Lemond and the 2006 design which preceded it.  Anthony's silver Zurich on the left represents the all carbon Min/Max frame Lemond fielded in its last year and went on to become Trek's Madone.  My Versailles on the right as I've previously written about, was an example of Lemond's Spine concept, with a OS Platinum 'spine' and a carbon 'cockpit'.  Both frames are 53cm.  Note the Zurich has a compact with Flashblog approved 34 tooth rear cassette for better climbing leverage.  The Versailles has a standard 26 tooth 9 speed cassette with standard 30/42/52 chainrings up front.  I now advocate the low gear compact setup for its lighter weight and shifting simplicity, although a triple offers far greater low gear tweaking potential ala my Lemond Reno.

Labor Day wrap up:
Saturday I led a team ride on my low gear Reno up some very steep grades above the Tunnel Road area.  That ride was 33miles, 3,000 climbing.
Sunday I enjoyed a solo ride on my Versailles, through Piedmont and again up Tunnel Road proper, for 30 miles and 2900 climbing.
Monday I joined a team ride on the Versailles out Fairmont/Redwood/Pinehurst for 34 miles and 3000climb
Tuesday, riding my Reno,  I took Flashette out for a short hill training, 10 miles, 1100 climbing.
Not to mention the numerous errand trips around town on the Kaptein, my Holland hauler.

Safeway and Trader Joe's in one trip!

107 miles, 10,000 climbing for 4 days.  Rode both Lemonds equally more or less.  The Reno is solid, reliable, descends great and climbs even greater.  The Versailles is nimbler, faster rolling, more supple, sprints better, even faster downhill, a super all-arounder, but lacks the really low gears for the steeps.  They are both great bikes and I would be hard pressed to pick one over the other.

As I write this my legs are sore but I feel really good.  Cycling has made my life so much better;  I'm about as fit as I can be, healthy and happy, and have made many good friendships from it.  (My carbon footprint is minimal as I've gotten my auto useage down to under 50 miles a week, so you see, I bike more than I drive...at least this time of the year)

Keep on pedaling and thanks for reading,

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