Thursday, September 6, 2012

From No Avail To New Avail

Flashette's 2009 Avail with my Miyata behind

Flashette's beautiful 2009 Giant Avail was unfortunately stolen from a bike valet parking lot at a Crab Cove music concert three weeks ago.  The bike was not recovered and we were upset that it would be very hard to recreate that bike, as it was perfect for her.  And the color scheme of orange/white/silver was unique for a woman's bike.  However, the Alameda Rotary Club, who sponsored the bike valet parking lot, have been outstanding in their resolve to make right the loss, and today via the great team at Alameda Bicycle, we took ownership of Flashette's new 2012 Avail.  Its basically the same frame with some component differences, mainly she went from a triple setup to a compact.  She loses only 1.6 gear inches in low gear as the lowest rear cog is a 28.  A 30 cog would put her a tad lower than her old triple.  Perhaps a future upgrade for her to a 32 is in order?  (wink)

 Flashette was honored to borrow Z rider's veteran trusty Giant OCR1 road bike in the interim.  Although one size too small, it's still a nice ride.

Here's the new bike, the photo is not great as I forgot how to use the camera settings..Doh!.  The white/red/silver color scheme reminds me of my Lemond Reno, only more elegant and classy.  Its as beautiful as the orange bike.  Note the cruiser bike pedals that feature a rubber surface for high traction.  Flashette chooses not to use clip-in pedals so we had these put on so that when she stands up on hills her feet won't slip off.

The Rotary insisted that the bike be recreated in all its details, so they not only financed the bike but all the accessories like the pump, bell, computer, lights, saddle bag, bottle cages, and pedals.  Gene at Alameda Bike worked with Jeff from BikeAlameda to set up the deal, so all we had to do was go in and get the bike.  Jeff was totally sincere in his efforts to replace the bike, whatever it took.  Gene gave the bike and parts at wholesale, what a great guy and asset he is to our town! AWESOME!  This is a great town we live in, with exceptional people going above and beyond to make things right.  I am proud to say I'm an Alamedan, and I will pay this forward through ride leading and mentoring those coming up in road cycling.

A modern velowoman's busy cockpit:  Cateye headlight, Cateye computer, stem mounted bell, front reflector, and tissue caddy for runny nose.  

Bike thieves are a cowardly lot and I believe their karma will catch up with them one way or the other.  I hope the orange Avail somehow ends up with someone who will care for it and appreciate it.  It has a measure of Flashblog built into it---I tweaked it, cleaned it, adjusted it, admired it--- and so in my eyes it will always be special.  But now we have a new member in our bike family, lithe and beautiful, and eager to please.  Only one thing left to do...

Time To Ride!

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