Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fan Mail Reports I'm Doing Something Right

Team Alameda group portrait, 8/25/12, 5 Canyons Road
photo: Bruce Bothwell
I'm 8th from the left , in the aerodynamic position, because... I'm always READY

This gentleman, a friend of mine, a good rider who throws a kick ass party, wrote me this note the other day.   I thought I would share it, as I find it deeply gratifying that even when I am not out there, things I have done or said before are imprinted in other people's bags of tricks.  What more can I ask for than to know I am influencing people in a positive way?   I like to think that's the whole point of this blog.                      
  Pedal harder,

Dear Flash,

I just like to thank you for showing me some of the routes in Oakland/Berkeley hill to me. This past Saturday, I was not able to ride until 10.30 AM , so I set off then on my own with the goal to make it through Oakland/ Berkeley and over the tunnel road. I decided once under way to try the route you have showed us where we ride up &down in the neighborhood and eventually end up by the park by the freeway before climbing the road to the freeway overpass and tunnel road. I did not remember the route but went on my instinct and I was successful. I had such a nice ride: no traffic to speak of and I did not get lost at all.  I gave you many thankful thoughts and I toasted you in the evening!



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