Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wrenching On Flashblog

So I just got some new parts from BlogNashbar, and installed them into Flashblog. I just finished cleansing the grease off my hands so this installment is hot off the shop floor.  I wanted to subtlety enhance the look but keep the overall feel minimilist.  The most dynamic change is the header photo of me, Flash, carving the 180' turn on Skyline Boulevard.    (awesome photo via Jules of popmonkey.com)
{Everytime I check this page that photo jumps out at me with a vertigo inducing punch...I dig the sensation of intense movement combined with off-kilter aspect captured in this image. F.}

Second thing you will notice is the typewriter style font, which is my nod to traditional newspaper columns of yesteryear.  Next, I selected the larger, green anodized text cassette "cog" which allows easier typing when the creativity part starts going steeply uphill, so to speak.  The page is slightly wider than before, which , like a fat carbon bottom bracket, beefs up the lateral stiffness, especially when images are inserted.  The blue title colors and orange footer bar reflect the Team Alameda colors.  There is now a simple border around images which looks, well...framed.

It takes some time to make something appear the same... yet different.  It is very easy to change the whole effect instantly, and badly, with blingy colors or templates, so really the lesson here is restraint.  I like it and I hope you find the changes make for more enjoyable reading.

Keep On Pedaling,


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