Monday, June 18, 2012

Letters About The Editor

Today's well said guest quote is from Ken Jones, an excerpt of his Saturday Ride Report:

"The guest Adam took off like a rocket, and his friend Alex started in pursuit when I heard Flash say “Alex, have you ever climbed this hill before? I’d save some energy in reserve if I were you.” Another satisfied customer, he took the advice and paced himself well. Flash, however, was feeling his Wheaties and disappeared quickly up the road. We had a short regroup (minus Flash) at Inspiration Point, where we cooled off in the shade, dousing ourselves with what was now warm water. Ron, who was cramping most of the day, soldiered on, and we regrouped again at Island rest stop. Cold water awaited us there, and Alex & Adam having time constraints left for home. The plan was to meander over to the cooler bay and the bike path through  Berkeley & Emeryville, but we were hot and easy prey for Flash. “Say, I know a way we can cut through campus and head home,” he offered, and in our delirium could not remember how many “Flashcuts” involved more climbing. Somehow Amy & Rick got dropped, but they consoled themselves with an invigorating meal and cold drinks before heading home. Ron and I dutifully followed the smiling Pied Piper himself, as he recalled that he didn’t EXACTLY know the way but that the WAY is an engram etched upon his psyche that can never be removed, or doubted."

That last part is Ken's interpretation as I didn't say that.  I wish I had, and I will from now on, but he gets credit for the engram concept as that pretty much sums up my Flash game.  

 And...that is a fitting send off for me as I will be on holiday for a few weeks.  Maybe I'll get the opportunity to post something quick from abroad, but probably not as things promise to be jam packed.

Keep on Pedaling! 


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  1. You'll be missed. :-( Wishing you and Cathy a great holiday.