Monday, February 27, 2012

Mandatory 10,000th View Introspective Quicky

Welcome Flashblog Readers!  I don't know who you are, but you are out there.  I know this because my page counter tells me so.  If not for the counter, I might be led to believe that all the page views are all me editing my writing from my trusty Pentium 3 desktop at work, and the rest are Debi Palmer checking in to see what's new.

10,000 views is quite pathetic compared to some of the popular postings on You Tube.  I saw one recently in the sidebar that had 14 MILLION views.  Why?  Because it showed a pic of a hot babe and it said YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!!  So in order to up my Flashblog stats, I present this You Tube inspired tease:


Oooh Flash, we LOVE your headset spacers!

Oh, and one for the ladies...

How do you like your pump...Presta or Schrader?

Excellent!  Now for the introspective part.   

Anyone with any motivation and a computer can write a blog about anything.  But surprisingly few do.  I write Flashblog because I like bikes, and bike gear, and how cycling has immensely improved my life, and probably literally saved my life.  I write Flashblog for myself, I don't write it for money, or sponsors, or for any reason involved with financial gain.  Some might call this mental masturbation, in fact, I pretty much view our entire American culture as nothing more than one big clusterfucking mental masturbation so who am I to claim that I am above this in any way shape or form?  I feel that most people do not have the time or the energy to focus on details, they are skimming the surface of life, putting in the time, the miles, the hours, doing what they like or think they should be doing, or what they have to do, and don't have the inclination to see the trees for the forest.   What I am doing with Flashblog is drilling down to minutia---headset spacers, drilled out parts, junk bikes, Dutch bikes, low gears,  cool bike shops, bike parties, whatever and where ever the spectrum of bike interest takes me.  My hope is that you find something interesting here, or, at the least, appreciate my writing, or at least the time it takes to produce the product.

I don't know who or how I've influenced anyone with this.  Except Debi Palmer, who thanks me for her low gears whenever we encounter each other on the road.

So enjoy your low gears and night lights and maybe I'll see you on the road too



  1. Hey Flash, I'm back and catching up with my favorite blogs starting with you. ;-) I need to smile. I just back on Sunday from riding 450 miles from New Orleans, LA to Tallahassee, FL. Totally exhausted and a tad bit sore. The headwinds -- 20-35 mph on the 4th day for 70 miles -- waere hell on wheels.

    Thanks for adding the hunky guy to your blog post. The gals weren't doing anything for me. ;-)

    And, again, thanks for the modified compact advice. I'm really appreciating them. :-)

  2. Deb, that's an awesome accomplishment, really. I've never attempted a multi-day like that so you are on a pedestal in my opinion. Nice workout!

  3. Pretty embarrassed after I checked back to see if you posted my last comment. I was so tired after returning from the Gulf Coast Challenge. I don't know why I didn't proof it first. Looks like I'm writing under the influence. The typos and grammatical errors, oh my. :-(

    Thank you, it definitely was one heck of a workout, but an honor to ride with our wounded warriors. I wish you, Cathy, Ken and Helen Jones would consider riding from SF to Santa Cruz with me and Ride 2 Recovery this year:

    You can't beat the support and camaraderie. Gonna' go read your current blog. Always enjoy them. ;-)