Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Stove Whisperer

Greetings and welcome to Flashblog!  I'm your host, Flash, and tonight I have a very special presentation for you, my first guest Flashblog, written by my good friend and hearty cyclist John "Sweeps" McNulty.  Not having time lately to write a fresh blog update myself, it is my good fortune that Sweeps invited me and Flashette to his house recently for dinner.  What transpired there that evening was nothing less than a desperate man quickly losing his sanity,  driven semi-insane by an infernal stove noise, but pulled back from the brink of the precipice by a Flashly insight born of squeaky chains, clicking deraillers, screeching seatposts, and howling brakes.  And don't forget my daily work up as Chabot Space and Science Center, where I hone my fixology skills on a daily basis.   Ok, it was a lucky guess, but Sweeps makes it seem oh so much more than that.

So grab a glass of wine, put on some light jazz, and read Sweep's intriguing adventure down the rabbit hole of (old) technology.

Ride On,

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