Thursday, June 9, 2011

Casey Neistat: Not in the Bike Lane

You have to check this video out... this cyclist fights injustice The Hard Way

Casey Neistat: Not in the Bike Lane

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  1. This video has really gone viral; it's showing up everywhere with a little help from us cyclists ;-).

    I just heard Channel 7 (local news) mention it, too. I loved it when he landed in the back of the truck and when he hit the back of the police car in the bike lane.

    I hope Casey gets his money back and he purchases a helmet with it.

    He should also consider a mirror so that before he slams in the back of a vehicle he can look and make sure that if he accidentally flies in to the traffic that he's got some time to pick himself up before he and/or his bike gets smashed by a vehicle.

    Casey is very brave (and a tad bit crazy), but he definitely made his point. Bike lanes can be very dangerous for cyclists. Luckily, he wasn't "doored."