Monday, April 4, 2011

Manifesto Destiny

My steed resting during the Wheels For Meals charity ride, 10/2009

I just put up a new page over on the right beneath the Flashblog archives, which I call Low Gear Manifesto. Wonder what that could be about? Give it a spin, because its geared real low for easy reading.


  1. REAL men, manly men like me, break axles and shred the tiny cogs on our one-speed, heavy-duty Schwinn cruisers as we stomp up Pine Street in San Francisco!

  2. Awesome....great imagery! The stuff of legends

  3. Thanks so much for this timely information and especially "gearing the writing low" so even I can understand it. ;-) I thought when I was training for the R2R Golden State Challenge on my TREK hybrid, I was riding a wussy bike because of my triple gears, but I've learned while riding the routes on the prep series for the Grizzly Peak Century with their ride leaders that the majority of women are riding road bikes with triples and many of the men are too. This is an adjustment I will be working towards this summer. I did a "strategic retreat" from this year's GPC because I've lost conditioning since the R2R Challenge and I'm not familiar with or strong enough on my compact double gears. Since I'm no PRO, riding in the hills for the first time after 50, the smart thing for me to do is get my gears as low as I can. Thank you Flash for sharing this awesome information with the cycling community. And yeah, I'm addicted! :-)